Day 1: On the First Day of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a Rubbermaid Keepsake Box.keepsakebox.jpg

This simple item is our number one bestseller for the last 365 days – and for good reason!  Not only does the Keepsake Box carry the quality Rubbermaid name, it is the perfect place to store a number of media items.  This box is so versatile, it can hold up to 20 photo envelopes, 15 VHS tapes, 24 DVDs or 37 CDs!  When the box isn’t full, a handy bookend feature keeps everything upright and secure.  The lid latches tightly and the clear sides let you see the contents clearly.  They can be stacked, too, making long-term storage simple!

 The Rubbermaid Keepsake Box  is perfect for holding all those holiday photos you’ll take this month, so while you’re picking one up for a friend, get one for yourself!

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