Organizing the summer

Like many of you, I am a mommy.  I have been blessed with two wonderful, active children.  I love the challenges and the rewards parenting brings, and the way it makes me stretch myself to be a better person and a betatomic-clock-hygrometer-thermometer.jpgter organizer. 

Speaking of which, this is my first summer at home with my children, and I am both excited and nervous.  Will I be able to keep them happy and productive for a whole 3 months?  What if they find out (or confirm) what a really boring person I am, in that I would choose housework over art projects, and clothes washing over another rousing run-through of Candyland? 

So here is my “good college try” at a plan for the summer.

-Allocate time to “brain activities”.  I have some great workbooks for their respective ages and school needs.  The only trick is being sure we are consistent about sitting down and working in them.  Well, I will give that a shot.

-Be sure there is time for art.  My daughter would do art in her sleep.  Give her a sheet of paper and a pen and she will stay busy for a long time.  My son isn’t quite as into art as she is, but he likes it and she inspires him to do it.  So we need to plan for art time and be sure we have the right supplies on hand to do fun things that won’t create a huge amount of clean-up every day.  

spacesavers_2054_100278294.gifTake a look at this fun caddy  that will work perfectly for taking both the art supplies and workbooks on our trips to Grandma’s, the beach, and maybe even the park:

-Allow time for spontaneous activities.  Can you schedule spontaneity?  Of course, no, and that is the trick.  I want to have the time and space to do fun things that maybe we just thought of.  Wouldn’t it be cool to go lay in the back yard on a quilt and talk about the shapes of the clouds rolling by? 

So in addition to keeping my household maintained, visiting the pool, and participating in my church’s playgroup, I am going to try to set up a plan for a fun, worthwhile summer.  I am pretty sure that I will continue to fail at keeping the dust cleaned up and running the vacuum as often as needed, but maybe in the long run, that won’t be the measure of success anyway.

I will let you know how it goes!

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a professional organizer working in the Winston-Salem area.  If I can be of assistance in helping you to gain the neat and organized home you have always wanted, please call me at 978-6211 or contact me at 

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