Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Solid Plastic Storage Boxes

53843-medium-plastic-storage-box-by-sterilite-10-2-quart_1_375Storage boxes and bins are intended to cut down on clutter and inspire neatness, but let’s admit it- sometimes even they can look messy when they’re the clear, see-through kind of plastic box.

Often touted as a feature (“No guessing what’s inside!” “You can see the contents at a glance!”), what if you don’t necessarily want to be able to see everything you’ve stuffed inside your plastic storage box?

While larger storage totes are popular in opaque colors, like this 50 Quart Shelf Tote, it’s hard to find smaller storage boxes with lids in solid colors. So when I spied this kind of plastic storage box from Sterilite, I scooped them up and hit the bathroom. To do some reorganization, that is.

My bathroom has an open area that I can only assume was intended to be a closet, but when the previous owners realized they couldn’t find a door to fit the odd-sized area, it became a non-closet with shelves. Our old house had a very narrow but deep closet in the bathroom which I had outfitted with a dozen plastic shoe boxes as a way maximize the space and make things easy to reach even way in the back. Worked like a charm.

Fast forward to our new home and its unusual bathroom non-closet.

IMG_0492Suddenly those clear shoebox boxes were looking messy and quite frankly- like an open book. Any visitor to our bathroom could see “at a glance!” that I had a penchant for collecting 13 different types of self tanning lotion, among other things. There was “no guessing what’s inside!” for anyone who had to heed nature’s call while at my house.IMG_0494

For my space, I went with the 10.2 Quart sized Sterilite Storage Box with Lid. It came with two different colors of plastic labels that snap right onto the side. That way you don’t have to use any label if you don’t want to.

I picked up some standard mailing labels and created labels on my computer for an extra dose of neatness. You can write right on the label with a dry erase marker, but since my handwriting leaves something to be desired, I left it to my laptop and printer to do the work.

I also picked up a few of the larger sized boxes in the 25 Quart Size to relieve the boxes that had been overflowing. The different sizes break up the uniform look of the space too.

IMG_0538The new look is much more appealing to the eye and most importantly, much harder for the curious visitor to spy what I store in my bathroom.

I kept one open without the lid to hold items we use often: cotton pads, Advil, etc. The recessed lids on the others make them stack much nicer, and because the 10.2 quart size is a little bigger than a typical shoe-sized box, I didn’t even have to ditch any of those 13 self-tanning lotions in the process. IMG_0540

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