Packing For Summer Trips Using a Trunk Organizer

Make Roadtrips Easier by Packing a Trunk Organizer

Summer is finally here, and that means school is out and many families take this opportunity to head off on a family vacation. Whether you head to the same destination each year, or try out a new spot for your trip, getting there is half the battle. A lot goes into determining which method of transportation is best for your budget (and sanity).  With the rising cost of airline tickets, as well as increased  hassle security at the airport, more and more people are opting to load up the family car and drive to their destination.

The benefit to turning your family vacation into a road trip is you may be able to take more and different things than on an airplane (hooray for more than three ounces of shampoo!)Sterilite Footlocker It also means the entire family, along with everyone’s gear, needs to fit comfortably in one vehicle. To avoid the headaches associated with packing for a trip, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and be as organized as possible. Using a trunk organizer is a quick and easy way to pack and stay organized on your trip. If you use the Sterilite Plastic Camp Footlocker, you’ll have plenty of space for all of your gear, and it will be at your fingertips when you need it. With the huge 92-quart capacity, you can take all the things you need without worrying about finding extra space in the car. This footlocker is especially handy when camping, to keep your gear and food protected from the elements, as well as curious wildlife.

To keep your things from rolling around in the back of the car, check out the Trunk Organizer Caddy. Trunk Organizer CaddyThis caddy has plenty of space, and is collapsible for easy storage when not in use. This would be a great place to keep the kids’ entertainment (think of it as a traveling toy box), or items you may need at a moments’ notice, such as anti-bacterial wipes or a first aid kit. Having these items on hand and organized in the car can save you time and stress while on the road, making your vacation a more enjoyable experience for all.

If you’re packing for a longer trip, or more travelers are along for the ride, consider a divided trunk organizer. Divided Trunk Organizer CaddyWhether you’re headed to a day at the beach or a week at the cabin, the Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Trunk Organizer is perfect for holding your sporting equipment, sunscreen, and other trip essentials. The three large compartments keep your items separate and accessible, so packing becomes a snap. And, if you want your trunk organizer to hold your snacks and drinks, check out the cooler-included model! These organizers also feature even more storage, with an outside pocket for holding maps, cell phone chargers, and other smaller items. Both organizers collapse down to the size of a shopping bag, and can be easily stored when not in use.

Wherever your summer travels take you, staying organized will mean more time to focus on fun for the entire family. Check out the huge selection of organizational products from SpaceSavers for more easy ways to keep you and your family organized.

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