Packing Up & Storing Away the Holidays

Pack up your Holidays with Christmas Storage Pieces:

Whether you begin packing up your decoration the day after Christmas or later on into January (or beyond), give some thought to your holiday storage situation. Anything you can do now to organize your holiday collection will go far to reduce stress next year when it’s time to decorate again.

Instead of hustling to toss everything from the tree into small, cramped cardboard boxes, take the opportunity to evaluate your Christmas collection. Do you have ornaments that you keep hanging on to but are loathe to display on the tree? How many tree skirts do you really need? Are you really going to go through that string of lights and replace all those bulbs? Why keep them and have them take up valuable storage space year after year? Sell, donate or Freecycle your stuff. Someone who needs it or wants it will get your stuff and you won’t have to spend time dealing with it next year.

Store your wreaths in wreath bags and hang them from inexpensive hooks in your garage or attached to the rafters in your attic.

Before anything is packed away, make sure it is clean and intact. Your beautiful table runner won’t look so beautiful next year if an overlooked stain has been allowed to set. Toss out or repair any broken items. Check everything once and check it twice.

Use storage boxes that are easily identifiable as Christmas storage. A bright red or evergreen lidded box is easily spotted amongst a sea of neutral colored boxes. Label all boxes with large, ledgible signs.

When possible, pack items such as villages, nativity sets and Keepsake ornaments in their original packages. The proper protective padding is already provided and the pictures on the boxes tell you what’s inside. These items can then be safely stacked in a storage bin.

Pack items together by their display. Pack the stockings with the stocking hangers. Pack the tree skirt with the tree stand or artificial tree. Pack placemats and cloth napkins with the napkin rings, holiday dishes, and/or centerpiece displays. This make decorating the following year much easier. Linens, stockings and tree skirts can be placed in Space Bags before they are packed to reduce their size and to keep the fabrics clean and protected.

Many ornaments can be stored in special divided containers. Round, glass balls will be kept separated and protected in a specialty ornament case. Large or odd shaped ornaments can be wrapped with tissue or other padding, labeled and stored in plastic boxes.

Store seasonal gift wrap items together in gift wrap storage containers so they’re ready and waiting at the start of the season. Save a bunch of money by purchasing your gift wrap now during the after holiday sales and store it away until next year. You can be sure to have everything you need ready and waiting next year if you also toss a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a pen and some gift tags in with your gift wrap.

Wrap lights around light trays or a sturdy piece of cardboard to reduce tangling. A light storage box makes easy work of wrapping and storing multiple strings of lights.

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