Packing For Summer Trips Using a Trunk Organizer

Make Roadtrips Easier by Packing a Trunk OrganizerSummer is finally here, and that means school is out and many families take this opportunity to head off on a family vacation. Whether you head to the same destination each year, or try out a new spot for your trip, getting there is half the battle. A lot goes into determining which method of transportation is best for your budget (and sanity).  ... More

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Bathroom Cabinet Organization – Before & After

Before and After ProjectIn my bathroom lurks a dirty secret. Behind the custom-made medicine cabinet, with custom knobs to match our very carefully constructed interior is a terrifying mess. Plastic containers are stacked precariously like some leaning tower of crap.  I once purchased three eyeliners, because I kept losing mine in the depths of this organizational despair. This cabinet is where contacts go to die and sometimes the door won’t shut because ... More

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Clear the clutter: easy solutions to keep your bathroom organized

Make the bathroom a clutter free zoneIt may be the smallest room in your home, but the bathroom is often where you spend a good chunk of your morning and bedtime routines. Keeping it neat and organized not only saves precious time but makes it a more inviting space to begin your day and wind down your evening. Just a few simple updates you add now can save time ... More

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How Do You Store Your Boots?

Boot Storage Solutions from the Housewares ShowBoots are very popular, you see great knee boots popping up in every catalog and they're on the runways and fashion magazines constantly worn with leggings, worn with skirts, paired with a great pair of jeans.  The question is - when you invest in a great pair of boots (or 6) how do you store them?  You don't necessarily want expensive boots sitting on ... More

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SpaceSavers Heads to the International Housewares Show 2012

(Simple Human is one of the vendors we'll stop by to see in Chicago) We’re headed to the International Housewares Show in Chicago this weekend to see what’s new and exciting in the organizing world. Brandi is going to be getting to know all of the new sales reps we hope to work with, Kendra will be picking out the most on-trend organizing tools from the “Discover Design” showcase and Jen will geek out over all the technology incorporated around the ... More

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SpaceSavers Collect My Clutter Contest

SpaceSavers Collect My Clutter ContestAre you looking for a great solution to organizing that clutter around your house? SpaceSavers has hundreds of solutions that will help you organize and reduce clutter in your space. Get started organizing today for free by entering our clutter contest and winning one of three popular organizing tools from SpaceSavers! To enter the contest, share a picture of your clutter problem with us - post on ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #5: All clothes can be folded or hung and stored together.

Stacked and Folded ClothingDifferent fabrics sometimes call for different methods of storage, especially if they’re higher end pieces such as cashmere, linen or silk. Silk and knit items are best stored flat to retain their shape, while linen should be rolled before placed in storage to prevent permanent creases from forming over time. When storing folded clothes, place acid-free and dye-free tissue paper in between items. This not only protects the ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #4: Airtight is always best when storing clothes.

Canvas clothing storageAirtight containers are great for many things, but for storing clothes it may not be the best choice. The excessive dry heat of an attic coupled with airtight conditions can break down fiber in fabrics. If you must store items in a damp basement, airtight plastic is O.K. (see Mythbuster #2), but otherwise ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #3: Moth balls have to smell bad to really work.

Mothballs don't have to smell bad If the idea of moth balls brings back memories of your Great-Grandmother’s attic, rejoice! Now moth-chasing tools are infused with cedar- another scent insects do not like. Thankfully cedar is a scent more pleasing to the human nose and is also much safer than traditional moth balls. Old-fashioned pure moth balls are toxic to children and pets, and can also cause complication to those ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #2: An attic or basement is the best place to store clothes.

Canvas Clothing StorageAttics can be extremely hot in the heat of summer, while basements can be very damp- which is best? Neither. A good rule of thumb is if the area is comfortable enough to sleep, it’s acceptable for clothing storage. A cool, dry place is best for storing clothes. If you must keep items in a hot space like an attic, use breathable canvas garment bags or boxes to allow ... More

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