Clothes Storage Myth #5: All clothes can be folded or hung and stored together.

Stacked and Folded ClothingDifferent fabrics sometimes call for different methods of storage, especially if they’re higher end pieces such as cashmere, linen or silk. Silk and knit items are best stored flat to retain their shape, while linen should be rolled before placed in storage to prevent permanent creases from forming over time. When storing folded clothes, place acid-free and dye-free tissue paper in between items. This not only protects the ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #4: Airtight is always best when storing clothes.

Canvas clothing storageAirtight containers are great for many things, but for storing clothes it may not be the best choice. The excessive dry heat of an attic coupled with airtight conditions can break down fiber in fabrics. If you must store items in a damp basement, airtight plastic is O.K. (see Mythbuster #2), but otherwise ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #3: Moth balls have to smell bad to really work.

Mothballs don't have to smell bad If the idea of moth balls brings back memories of your Great-Grandmother’s attic, rejoice! Now moth-chasing tools are infused with cedar- another scent insects do not like. Thankfully cedar is a scent more pleasing to the human nose and is also much safer than traditional moth balls. Old-fashioned pure moth balls are toxic to children and pets, and can also cause complication to those ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #2: An attic or basement is the best place to store clothes.

Canvas Clothing StorageAttics can be extremely hot in the heat of summer, while basements can be very damp- which is best? Neither. A good rule of thumb is if the area is comfortable enough to sleep, it’s acceptable for clothing storage. A cool, dry place is best for storing clothes. If you must keep items in a hot space like an attic, use breathable canvas garment bags or boxes to allow ... More

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Clothes Storage Myth #1: If clothes look clean, they are fine to store.

Storing Clothes from the Dry Cleaner By far the most important step when it comes to storing clothing is to wash or dry clean clothes first. Even clothes that may look clean could have very light stains, perspiration or perfumes that can darken and set with time. Stains can also invite unwanted guests- insects like crickets, roaches and silverfish. Although they generally will not eat the garment ... More

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6 Quick Fixes for Blah Closets

Nothing to WearWhen you have one of those mornings when you stand in front of your full closet thinking "I have nothing to wear" it's more likely due to an organization issue than a lack of clothing options. Sometimes moving things around and shifting your perspective can make all the difference in the world. (Remember "Dead Poets Society"?) Use a few of the following ideas ... More

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At The Office – Cubicle Hooks Review

Anyone who works in a cubicle knows the problem of storage space—or lack thereof. Especially in the winter, when I have a coat, scarf and hat to store. I usually ended up just throwing stuff under my desk, where it was in my way and wasn't exactly conducive to keeping my nice coat and accessories wrinkle-free and clean. I know we carry a variety of over the door hooks, I just had to take the time to figure out ... More

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Get a $100 Closet Makeover for Free Through Tax Deductible Donations

Clean a closet, get cash back for donationsMe: Lisa, single working mom and graduate student Mission: closet makeover using money from tax deductible donations What’s in it for me: an organized closet, good karma for helping others, and nearly a $100 in tax deductions How did I do it? Just as with many organizing projects, you accomplish it in small steps. You can give your closet a makeover and give ... More

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Why You May Need A Closet Dehumidifier

Is your closet 100% dry?Mold and mildew think of your closet as a free spa getaway - nobody would turn down luxurious living conditions that require nothing from them in return. Mold loves darkness, undisturbed air and  moisture – which makes a closet that isn’t 100% dry a possible breeding ground. You could try to deter the mold by leaving a bright light on in your closet 24/7 but that ... More

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January Giveaways + How to Use Pinterest to #GetOrganized

Have you lost yourself in Pinterest yet? Our team definitely has. We love it for the fact that you can create a clutter-free imagination board or reminder board for yourself—no paper mess, access it from anywhere that you have internet, and you can get inspired by people with similar tastes. So, why not aid your Pinterest addiction and add a little fun to it? With the holidays behind us ... More

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