Back to school: The Freshman 15

What 15 items does your freshman need to gain for dorm living?We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15”… those unwanted pounds that creep up during the first year of college. We have a different version of the Freshman 15 at 15 must have items you’ll want to gain for your college student’s first year. 1. Hooks and poster tape. Let’s face it: dorm rooms are boring. Adding posters and pictures will ... More

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Classroom Readiness – Back to School for Teachers

Back to school for teachers - time to get that classroom in shape, organized, and ready for the next wave of incoming students. Organize your classroom and be prepared using the following checklist.

  • Evriholder Cord Storage – Cables and cords are not only unsightly, they can be hazardous or at the very least, annoying when they are in the way. Bundle up those cords this fall.
  • Command Hooks and Clips – Use the clips for cables. Use the hooks to
... More

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Dorm Living 101: Sharing a bathroom

Shower Caddy - Bath Organizer BasketStarting college is all about new experiences. Most of them are fun, new and exciting. Learning to share a bathroom with 20 other people you barely know is not one of them. It may take a little while, but you’ll get used to it. Keeping a few simple rules in mind will make it easier on everyone. Be considerate. You may have had a bathroom all to ... More

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Packing for Life in the Dorms

Packing for College Dorm LifeHeading off to college for the first time can make your head spin - happy anticipation mixes with a small dose of anxiety. If you are a parent with kids heading off to college, you might actually feel exactly the same way. You can make the most of the experience for everyone and squash that anxiety by knowing you’re prepared for move-in day. This dorm ... More

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Back to School Tips for Pre K-12

Create a drop off station for back packs on the back of your door. It’s that time of year again- Back to School- which for many means back to routines, back to schedules, and back to being constantly on-the-go. Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers, getting organized now will help ease you and your kids back into another busy school year. Project: Hassle-free Homework The chief complaint from parents and kids ... More

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Minimize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize the Contents of Your Medicine CabinetDo you ever worry that the urban myth that guests check out the contents of your medicine cabinet when they’re in your home is true?  Are there things in there that should have been disposed of months, or even years ago?  With a busy lifestyle keeping track of the use by dates of items in your medicine cabinet is probably not at the top of ... More

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What’s new in trash cans?

What's new in Trash and Recycling Receptacles?Surprisingly, a lot has changed for the simple trash can. You may already have a trash can in your kitchen with a swinging lid or step-on lid that serves to keep odors in and unnecessary things - like dog noses - out, but does your come in a stainless steel or painted metal finish? These sturdy materials look great in any room, plus clean ... More

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The Organized Kid Zone

Children at PlayThe next time you hear the chorus of "I'm bored" from your kids despite all their toys and activities, take a look around. The problem might not be enough toys - but an issue with disorganization. If you can’t find all the pieces to a set of blocks within a minute in the giant toy box, how do you expect your child to do so? If you can’t ... More

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Organizing for the Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyles can mean an over-abundanceof sports equipmentLiving an active lifestyle often means a large variety of equipment and tools to go with your favorite sports and hobbies. You might find that these items only get seasonal use, or maybe they’re just something you turn to on the weekends or when vacation time comes around. If you’re an avid clutter buster, this means each of these items ... More

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Technology Organization A Go-Go

Next organizing project - clear out cord clutter.Even yesterday's stalwart lover of paper, pens and blank books is finding herself surrounded by electronic organizing solutions. From the laptop computer, to a compact notepad, e-reader, MP3 player or the next generation smart phone that brings all that functionality into one tiny package it's hard to stay independent from the electronics craze. When your calendar, shopping list, phone book, file storage, photo ... More

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