Refresh Your Pantry or Cupboard

It’s easy to check and make sure there aren’t science experiments growing in the refrigerator and check expiration dates on perishables, but what about your kitchen cupboards or pantry.  Before you do your next grocery trip is a perfect time to take stock of what’s in the pantry.  Here are some tips:

  • Check expiration dates  and realistic dates – yeast will expire and die, baking soda loses its effectiveness after a
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Quick Project: Clean Out the Junk Drawer

Imadesmart junk drawer organizert’s amazing what accumulates in a junk drawer and how often it can become cluttered.  One way to help is to get a divided tray so objects don’t get buried in the back or the bottom of the drawer.  Dump out your drawer and fit it with great trays like these from madesmart®. Only put back the items that really need to live there.  ... More

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Winterize Your Coat Closet

Cluttered Closet to WinterizeWinterize your coat closet -  as we head into the colder months you may spend a lot more time getting in and out of your coat closet.  Make sure it’s stocked with the items you need and put any off season jackets or shoes in long term storage so you don’t have to wedge heavy winter coats into smaller than ideal spaces.  (Space Bags ... More

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Most Valuable Layer: Space Bag

Space Bags aren't just great for linens - there's so much more.Space Bags really are ingenious. While they became popular for storing bulky blankets, comforters and pillows at home, these space-saving must-haves shouldn’t be limited to just linens. And with several bag styles, many no longer requiring a vacuum to seal, the uses multiply. Some of our favorites include: Winter snow pants, mittens, hats/Beach towels, swimwear, cover-ups Storing seasonal ... More

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When You Can’t Bring Your Laundry Home – Dorm Living

A mesh laundry bag is great for dorm livingWhen you can’t just put your laundry in the hamper at home anymore, every college student learns they need to have an organized way of taking care of their laundry needs - fast. One solutions is to ack up your mesh laundry bag with all of your dirty clothes and take it home to your mom for her ... More

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Project Cases to the Rescue

Use a project case to organize work for you or your studentsSince a teacher’s day extends far beyond the hours spent in the classroom you probably find yourself carrying a number of items back and forth from the classroom to home and back.  You’re probably also juggling any number of projects along the way and keeping it all organized can be a challenge.  Project cases can save ... More

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Back to school: The Freshman 15

What 15 items does your freshman need to gain for dorm living?We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15”… those unwanted pounds that creep up during the first year of college. We have a different version of the Freshman 15 at 15 must have items you’ll want to gain for your college student’s first year. 1. Hooks and poster tape. Let’s face it: dorm rooms are boring. Adding posters and pictures will ... More

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Classroom Readiness – Back to School for Teachers

Back to school for teachers - time to get that classroom in shape, organized, and ready for the next wave of incoming students. Organize your classroom and be prepared using the following checklist.

  • Evriholder Cord Storage – Cables and cords are not only unsightly, they can be hazardous or at the very least, annoying when they are in the way. Bundle up those cords this fall.
  • Command Hooks and Clips – Use the clips for cables. Use the hooks to
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Dorm Living 101: Sharing a bathroom

Shower Caddy - Bath Organizer BasketStarting college is all about new experiences. Most of them are fun, new and exciting. Learning to share a bathroom with 20 other people you barely know is not one of them. It may take a little while, but you’ll get used to it. Keeping a few simple rules in mind will make it easier on everyone. Be considerate. You may have had a bathroom all to ... More

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Packing for Life in the Dorms

Packing for College Dorm LifeHeading off to college for the first time can make your head spin - happy anticipation mixes with a small dose of anxiety. If you are a parent with kids heading off to college, you might actually feel exactly the same way. You can make the most of the experience for everyone and squash that anxiety by knowing you’re prepared for move-in day. This dorm ... More

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