Project Cases to the Rescue

Use a project case to organize work for you or your studentsSince a teacher’s day extends far beyond the hours spent in the classroom you probably find yourself carrying a number of items back and forth from the classroom to home and back.  You’re probably also juggling any number of projects along the way and keeping it all organized can be a challenge.  Project cases can save the day – or at least small pockets of time – by keeping all the pieces of a project gathered together.  Where could you use them?

Bulletin board displays – keeping engaging and creative bulletin boards up in your room isn’t usually a one-day project.  You can use a project case to start gathering together all the elements of your bulletin board project, whether that’s student artwork, magazine cutouts, newspaper clippings, chip board elements, or even small 3-D items.  Keep several in progress at once and organize them with our three tier project case holder – it can sit on your desk at school or at home so you can work on a theme whenever you get inspired.

Class memento projects – like the bulletin boards you may be in charge of creating an end of the year memento project.  Use a project case to start gathering examples of your classwork at the beginning of the year and you’ll have all the examples at hand to show your class’ improvement or the range of work they did throughout the year.  This also works great for keeping a record of your favorite projects that you want to repeat next year.

Team project planning – if you have kids who are working together on a specific unit or project you can utilize a project case to help them keep all of the group materials in one place for everyone to reference.  For older kids, this is a great way to hand off the project to them – write it up like a dossier or portfolio they would get as a spy or the working world and challenge them to sort out the elements and create a game plan.

Grading & record keeping – If you have several assignments coming in around the same time a project case that snaps shut may be more effective than a folder for keeping all of your students’ papers together in one place.

Games storage – there are a number of printable games that you can download for free off the web to use as learning exercises or rainy day entertainment, but a printed game doesn’t come with a storage box.  Project cases are stackable and easily labeled so you can create your own container.  These slim containers also come in handy when the original box gets crushed or worn out from too much handling.

Art supplies storage – if you have in-class art time, a thick project case or snaptop case can hold all the components for an art project together so you can prep ahead of time, then open up the case for the class to dig in.  This can be a time saver and allow you to limit the materials list for the project better than opening a cupboard full of art supplies in front of the class.

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