Q&A: Creating Usable Space on Staircase Landing

Question: Anyone have any great ideas for maximizing the space at the top of the stairs in a bungalow? The short walls and low ceiling make this space a real challenge to convert into a usable storage area or closet space.

spacesavers_2018_91447105.gifAnswer: How large (or small) is the space you are working with?  Do you own the bungalow?  I ask because I’m wondering if it is possible to do some permanent renovations.  I used to live in a loft apartment and know what a challenge it can be to find storage space in a small space at the top of stairs – and THAT was a small space.

If shelving is what you need, you can do something as simple as building up a shelving unit out of a few lengths of 1 by 4’s and bricks (believe it or not, the lumber and bricks can look pretty good).  The 1 x 4’s are the perfect width forspacesavers_2018_5238550.gif paperback books and they won’t stick out from the wall very much.

For something a bit nicer, you may need to cut into the wall.  Don’t worry about not having much do-it-yourself experience. If I can do this task (and I have) then it shouldn’t be anything you’d need to call a contractor about.  Space Savers has a great wall unit that can be mounted onto the wall or recessed into the wall between the wall studs (which would require some wall removing).We have 2 types – a 4 shelf cabinet (with a door)  and a CD/DVD storage shelf.Though I don’t know how low your ceiling is in this area, these shelves can be installed at whatever height you want.

Once you have shelves installed, you can fill them with books, movies and more!  If you have very small loose items, get small containers to fill.  Buckets, baskets, and even large mugs would work for this.  Label the container with its contents so you can easily find things when you need them.

That’s just a few possibilities for you.  If you have more information to send, I’ll gladly send some ideas your way!

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