Q&A Family Room Remodeling Brings Up Media Storage Issue

Question:  We are remodeling our family room.  There will be 15″ cabinets with doors to store items such as dvd’s, cd’s…I’m looking for something to put the discs in…besides a basket.  Is there a drawer-type storage unit available?

Answer:  There are many possibilities for your cabinets.  The nice thing is, you can customize it to meet your particular needs.  I recommend you take note of how large your CD and DVD collection is and account for future purchases.  What is most important to you?   Materials?  Cost? Design?

The first thing I think of when it comes to CD and DVD storage is a tower.  However, this may not be the best use of your cabinet space.  You could consider installing narrow adjustable shelves in your cabinets as well as shelving on the cabinet doors to double up your storage capacity.  This system, similar to dedicated cd & dvd storage cabinets being sold these days, would make it easy to find everything and can be adjusted as your collection changes.

You mentioned drawer storage as well.  There are solid wood drawer options available.  However, Space Savers does not 170480.jpgcarry such drawers.  Space Savers DOES have stacking drawers that come in a variety of sizes.  You may me most interested in the 16 quart and 29 quart drawers since those are closest to the width you are describing for your cabinets. Check the depth of these drawers to make sure they will fit in your cabinets with the door closed.

_441418 14 x 18 & _441421 14 x 21 Roll-Out Double Drawers-web.jpgWe also have a heavy duty two-tier roll-out cabinet drawer that may work to fit your needs.  These are very popular cabinet drawers for kitchens and bathrooms and I feel would work just as well for your family room.

If you do find solid wood drawers to use, you can install adjustable, removable dividers such as our Dream Drawer Dividers.  They expand from 12″ to 18″ long so you can be sure you get a good fit.  2 or 3 of these in each drawer will keep your CDs and DVDs neatly sorted.  These dream drawer dividers do not require hardware for installation so if your needs change, you can easily remove them and use them in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen drawers.

I hope this has helped you come up with some possible storage solutions!  You can visit Space Savers to view all of our CD and DVD storage options.

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