Q&A: Hanger Storage Solutions?

hangers.jpgQuestion: I’m looking for a plastic hanger holder that I saw at my daughter’s house but she doesn’t know where she got it from.

It’s white plastic and your extra hangers slip over the top of it and store your hangers neatly one on top of the other rather then trying to store them on a closet shelf where they get tangled.  It’s triangular in shape and has a name on it:  Ganga Danga or Danga Ganga.  She bought 2 of them a couple of years ago. I would like to get several of them.

Answer: The item you are looking for is called the Hanga Danga.  39910.jpgYou can search Google to find information on this product and make sure it is the correct item.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer is now unable to make the product so we no longer carry it (the mold broke and the product was discontinued).
You can re-purpose a newspaper bin such as our Euro Newspaper Bin to hold your hangers.  You can place hangers in the bin in 2 stacks with their straight sides touching and the hook going through the side.  The design of this Euro Bin keeps the hangers from shifting and becoming tangled.  I would suggest, due to the height of the Euro Bin, that you keep this item on the floor.  The top shelf of the closet would make the hangers less accessible.
If all else fails, see if someone on eBay has a Hanga Danga to sell.  You can place a listing in the “want to buy” section and maybe someone will come up with one for you.
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