Q&A: Luggage Storage

69275h.jpgQuestion: I have a few pieces of large luggage that I would like to keep in storage, and want to give them an airtight seal covering. The storage facility occassionally gives the units a bug spraying here and there, so I want to keep my luggage bug spray free!! Do you carry a bag large enough to cover my luggage? It’s the standard large piece of luggage size.

Answer: The only airtight solution I have would be a Space Bag® but the largest one we have may not be large enough for your biggest suitcase. I can suggest one of our new Warp’s Banana Bags® They come in 6 different sizes, the smallest one being able to accommodate your large suitcase. The larger ones could cover an entire luggage set easily. They tie closed so your luggage will be protected from dust, bugs and spray. However, they are not airtight so if you live in a humid region, I would recommend using a climate-controlled storage unit.

Hope this helps!  Happy Organizing!

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