Q&A: Make the most of available box storage space


I have two spaces:

1 is: 45 width, 23 depth, 78 height (divided by adjustable shelves).  I wish to use clear (if possible) plastic totes for supply of sweat shirts, T-shirts and polos that we sell at our school.

Second space is: 76 width, 23 depth, 78 height (divided by adjustable shelves.

I need to have approx. 10 or 12 containers for the clothing items.  Which containers would be best to use utilizing this space so they stack and fit well??   Please advise.  Thank you.


I have 2 options for you depending on your preference.  Both options will work for both spaces.

The first option is a Clear Stacks™ 68 Quart Plastic Storage Container which you can find at http://www.spacesavers.com/iris-68-qt-plastic-storage.html

It is clear and is made to stack well.  You can fit 2 across in the smaller space and 4 across in the larger space.  They are 11.5″ high so you could actually stack them up to 6 high in the larger space (much more than I think you need).  Also, they would work well separately on the shelves so you would not have to “undo” stacks of shirts.  They are just over 26″ deep so they would hang over the side a bit.

If you prefer, you could go with the other option, the Clear Stacks™ 33 Quart Plastic Storage Container which has all the benefits of the other container but it is smaller.  It is just under 22″ deep so the entire base will fit on the shelves.  These boxes are just under 8″ high so you will need to use more containers to store the same amount of clothing as you would using the larger boxes.  You can find the smaller box here:  http://www.spacesavers.com/iris-33-qt-plastic-storage.html

Hope this helps you with your project!  Happy Organizing!

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