Q&A: Organizing a Lazy Susan

Question:  The large lazy susan in my cabinet unit in the kitchen easily becomes a mess! I’ve tried small baskets. Has anyone found pie wedge shaped containers that will fit around the circle?

Answer:  I have seen pizza slice storage containers but I fear they would be too big for your need.

Tupperware has “Sprinkles and Spice” wedge containers that may work with your lazy susan. They also sell a carousel for the containers. Each wedge holds about 1 cup, has a lid and the containers are stackable. I also suggest going to a restaurant or deli where they sell pies by the slice in those cute little wedge shaped containers. Ask if they can sell you some of their plastic containers (they may even give you some). You can cut off the tops and have yourself a wedge container perfect for a circular area! Just have some idea before you go what size the containers need to be and how many you will need.

Hope this helps! Happy organizing!

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