Q&A: Rubber Stamp Storage

Question: I am a rubber stamper and wonder if you have any storage ideas to store the stamps, both mounted and unmounted.

Answer: I am more of a scrapbooker so I don’t have the knowledge of all the fun goodies that you would need to store for a stamping hobby. However, I do use quite a few stamps for scrapping, so I’ll draw off that knowledge…

The storage really depends on the sizes of the stamps. Of the few I have, there are individual letter stamps on up to 5×7 sized stamps. Some are foam and some are large wood block rubber stamps.

What I do with mine is store them in a project case. The slim size is thick enough for most stamps yet thin enough so they don’t topple everywhere if the case gets turned over.Another option is a stowaway bin. They come in different sizes and have fixed and/or adjustable compartments so you can size the compartments according to your needs. I prefer the project cases because they stack easily with the thicker project cases I store scrapbook items in. I keep a plain sheet of paper on the bottom of the case so any ink residue gets on the paper instead of the plastic. If all you are storing is stamps, you may prefer the stowaway bin.

The last option I would suggest, which is actually one I would like to try someday, is a clear storage drawer cabinet. It’s a cabinet that is most often seen in the garage housing nuts and bolts and all those tiny things (and they talk about OUR stuff! At least our beads and buttons and brads are PRETTY). Space Savers offers 6 different sizes of this cabinet. Some of the cabinets have different sized drawers for accommodating various sizes of rubber stamps. The drawers are clear so you can see what is inside. You could also label the drawers with an attached picture of the stamp you have stored inside. I would advise spray painting the cabinet with a nice bright color, though. Gray is fine for the garage, but not for the craft room

I hope this has given you some ideas for your stamps!

Happy Organizing!

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