Q&A: Shoe Storage for Larger Men's Sizes

shoe-cabinet.jpgQuestions:  What shoe cabinet can fit men’s size 14 shoes. I like the pull down one (shown at left), will that work?
Answer:  I am not positive as to how long size 14 men’s shoes are  – it does depend on the type andmens shoe conversion.jpg the brand.  But I did some searching online and found out this conversion chart (shown at right) on About.com.
I asked my husband to measure his 11 1/2 shoes and coincidentally, they were 11 1/2 inches long – but they did have thick soles that stick out some in the back.
The door to the white shoe cabinet you are asking about is 14.75″ high.  The maximum width between the door and the 1st divider is 3.5″.  The same goes for the maximum width between the 1st and 2nd dividers.  The width between the 2nd divider and the back of the pull-out drawer is 3″.  Please keep in mind these are maximum widths.  The dividers are not adjustable (only removable) and they do taper down to a narrower width as you get deeper into the cabinet.
If we assume at the absolute MOST each shoe is 14 inches long and not more than 3.5″ tall, they should fit just fine in this cabinet.  You may only be able to fit 9 pairs in the cabinet instead of 12.
I also measured the cubby dimensions of the Stack-a-Shelf shoe organizers.  The cubbies each measure 4.5″ x 6″ x 11″.  You may only be able to fit one shoe in each cubby unless they are soft or flat (like flip-flops).  The same thing goes for hanging shoe organizers – one shoe per cubby.  I would not recommend overdoor shoe organizers with wire arches for individual shoes.  They work wonderfully for women’s shoes, but for men’s shoes, the arches are set too close together (this is based on men’s size 11 1/2).
I hope this helps to answer your question.  Happy Organizing


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