Q&A: Traveling with Long, Fluffy Costumes

Question:  I am looking for a way to pack long, very fluffy costumes – long dresses with a lot of slips and crinoline. We don’t want to have to do too much for the costumes to be ready and wearable. Can u help me?

Answer:  What are you trying to pack your costumes in and how often will you need to access them? I suggest using a 2-Way Space Bag your crinoline. Since crinoline tends to be the fluffiest part of an outfit, it is probably the main culprit when packing. 2-way.gifPlace the crinoline in the space bag, seal and vacuum the air out through the one-way valve or simply roll the air out. You can vacuum seal the bag at home and for your return trip, if no vacuum is available, you can simply roll the air out. You could also use a large zip-top storage bag instead of a Space Bag, however the seams and the seal will not be able to withstand the amount of pressure a Space Bag can offer.

This solution would also work for heavier weight fabrics or knits (like sweaters). Lighter weight fabrics will tend to wrinkle so I recommend you keep the outer part of your costume separate from the crinoline. Slips are so light-weight that compressing them would not do much good. Keep it out with the rest of your costume.

The light-weight pieces can simply be folded or rolled and placed in your travel bag.

Happy Organizing!

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