Quick Project: Clean Out the Junk Drawer

Imadesmart junk drawer organizert’s amazing what accumulates in a junk drawer and how often it can become cluttered.  One way to help is to get a divided tray so objects don’t get buried in the back or the bottom of the drawer.  Dump out your drawer and fit it with great trays like these from madesmart®. Only put back the items that really need to live there.  Here are a few we found that we could clear out, you can probably make room by getting rid of similar items:

  • Batteries that don’t have any charge – replace them with rechargeable ones.
  • Expired coupons or rebates  – recycle!
  • Orphaned charger cords – find the device they go with and label them or get rid of them.
  • Old makeup or lip balm – toss it and the germs…
  • Business cards for  people we don’t foresee ever contacting – recycle.

Keep a basket or box handy for things that belong in other rooms and make a tour to put them where they belong before you call your project complete.  The next time you look in your junk drawer you should be able to find exactly what you needed.

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