Renovating a Closet

Okay, so you’ve heard of renovating kitchens, baths, etc., but a closet? Here’s what I mean.

Many of us have repurposed rooms in our homes that were originally intended for other uses–made a bedroom an office, a bonus room into a playroom, etc.. If you have a closet in that space, many times they are set up with a rod, and perhaps a shelf above.

Instead of just living with it and creating towers of stuff in the space below the rod, consider installing shelves that will allow you to see and easily access your stored items. Start with deciding what you want to store and put them into groups. Once you have that figured out, measure the inside dimensions of the closet, then go and purchase your containers based on that data. Space Savers has a great collection of all sizes and purposes to fit every need.

The size of the containers, along with anything else that you may store on its own, should dictate the number and height of each shelf. Set them up outside the closet then take measurements for the shelf heights based on that arrangement. I frequently use rubber coated shelving for this type of project, because it is affordable, durable, and with a drill, screwdriver and hammer, very easy to install. Have the lengths cut at the store. (It is a bear to cut on your own.) Consult the manufacturer’s directions for the load on each shelf and number of support brackets required.

Now put your stuff away, label the containers, and feel the pride of having “renovated” your own closet. Good job!

My name is Lori Fowler, and I am a professional organizer working in the Winston-Salem area. If you would like help in getting the clutter out of your home, I would love to help. You can reach me at 978-6211 or at

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