Q&A: Roll-Out Double Drawers vs. Two-Tiered Cabinet Drawers

Roll-Out Double Cabinet OrganizersQuestion: Could you please tell me the difference between a roll-out double and a two-tier sliding shelf? I know the height is different, but I want to know the difference in the mechanics. In other words, with the roll-out double do both tiers come forward as opposed to just one in the two-tier sliding? Thank you.

Answer: Essentially, the two are the same thing. The name is based on what the manuacturer chooses to call it.Stackable Organizer They both have 2 levels and both levels pull out at the same time. You cannot pull out one level and Two-Tier Organizernot the other. If you are looking for something on 2 levels with the option to slide out a drawer but leave the rest in place, you can try our Stackable Chrome Shelf Organizer. The bottom drawer pulls out but the top portion is a shelf so those things would stay stationary. However, it is stackable so if you have the height allowance in your cabinets, you can stack two together to get the double level drawers and still have a top shelf to store things. This particular piece does not install with hardware so you can easy remove it it you want to. The roll-out double and two-tier sliding shelves DO require hardware installation. Here at Space Savers, we have different preferences. Some of us prefer the Double/Two Tier while some of us prefer the stackable shelf. The main reason for the difference in preferences is the installation method.I hope this helps you in your decision! Happy Organizing!  


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