Seasonal Clothing Storage

Whether Summer is over and the leaves are turning crisp in the cool night air, or Winter’s winds are fading away allowing for warmer weather to arrive, you’ll need to swap your closets around and store away that seasonal clothing! We can help you store and protect your clothing through the upcoming months.

If you are unfamiliar with the seasonal closet and your closet is now bulging at the seams, we have your solutions. A big problem with bulging closets is your clothes become wrinkled. Imagine walking to your closet in the morning and retrieving one of your favorite outfits looking fresh, intact and ready to wear. With a little planning and organization this can be your reality!

The first order of business is sorting. Go through your closet, removing and separating clothing into the following categories:

Clothing that you haven’t worn in 2 years

Exceptions: Specialty clothing such as gowns, furs and sports apparel

Decide the best way to handle this stack. One option is to carry these items to a consignment shop and over time recoup some cash. Another option is to list the items and donate them to a local organization that accepts clothing. You can use the fair market value of your clothing as an itemized deduction on your tax return. Once you’ve made the decision on what to do with these items, bag them up and move them out of the way.

Clothing that needs mending or altered

Place these items where they will not be forgotten. That is certainly not back into your closet. If the mending and alterations are not your forte’, pack these items and place them in your car. If they are in your car, you won’t forget to drop them off at the nearest alterations spot.

Clothing that you will not wear in 6 months

This stack you’ll store until next season. Pull any items from this stack that need cleaning. Particles left on items can set into your clothes after several months of storage. Clothing stains can also attract insects that may damage the fabric. If you have clothes in this stack that need dry cleaning, place them in your car along with your items that need altering. Most dry cleaners have a seamstress on hand and you can save time by dropping both off together.

Clothing that you will need and wear for the next 6 months

The next order of business is a clean closet. A clean closet is a must. Remove from your closet any remaining items on shelves or in the floor. Thoroughly vacuum closet and remove any dust. Try our Dust Catcher Cloth absorbs and magnetically holds dirt, lint, pollen, mold spores, dust mites and smoke residue. Cloths are reusable & washable up to 100 times.

Now is a the perfect time for a closet evaluation.

Are there unpleasant odors in your closet? Even the faintest odor over time will penetrate into clothing. Eliminate damp musty odors with Damp Rid Closet Freshener. Simply hang freshener to remove odor. Another one of our favorite products is from Fresh Wave. Fresh Wave neutralizes the air and is made from natural ingredients. Available as an easy to use odor eliminating gel or as a quick fix spray.

Do you have space at the top of your closet that you rarely use because you simply can’t reach it? Keep a stool handy in the closet and take advantage of the space! Our E-Z Foldz Folding Stool folds down to 2″deep for easy storage.

How is the lighting in your closet? If it needs improving, a great quick and easy fix is our Wireless LED Strip Light or the Rite Lite LED Lights. Both types are wireless and easy to install!

Are you taking full advantage of hidden closet space?

Using your closet door for storage is a must for many closets. Our Purse Rack and Cap Rack mount easily to the door or wall. Hang one of each! Another way to make your closet door useful is by hanging a shoe organizer. Our 36 Pair Over the Door Shoe Organizer also holds shoe boxes and is one of our most popular shoe organizers.

Are there bulky items that can be hung elsewhere? To create additional space in your closet remove that bulky robe and hang it in the bath with a Chrome Over The Door Double Hook or with hooks that fit over removable door hinges like the Handy Hook or the larger Double Hook.

Are you utilizing the space underneath hanging clothes?

Add storage with our stackable Closet Drawers from Sterilite. Modular drawers are available in two Sizes: shallow and deep.

The Premier Rolling Drawer Chest from Iris (shown) is another great way to add drawer storage and features a nice furniture like quality.

Under hanging clothes is also a great spot for shoe storage. Check out our many shoe storage options. Don’t forget clear shoe boxes! A great way to protect shoes and keep them visible. Shown left: 20 Pair Standing Shoe Rack

For more ideas on customizing your closet and saving space visit our closet section. Some of our best sellers include Large Chrome Shelf Dividers, The Tie Rack, and Slide-n-Stax.

Once your clothing and closet is clean, you’re ready for the storage process. Avoid storing garments in a hot attic, damp basement, odor filled garage. Also avoid any area where garment will be exposed to sunlight which could cause fading.

If you are fortunate enough to have an extra closet for storing out of season clothing, make sure the closet is clean and dust free. Now is a great time to add moth protection to your closet. Forget those unpleasant moths balls that take weeks to air out of your clothing and go with more natural protectors like our Cedar Hang Ups or Moth Chaser Discs made from cedar. Also available is the Cedar Scented Hanging Moth Bar that gives you the protection of moth balls without the strong scent.

Without a spare closet? We have several solutions for your seasonal clothing storage. Mix and match storage solutions to fit your specific needs!

If it’s additional hanging space you require, we have a variety of garment racks to choose from.

Our basic Black and Chrome Garment Rack features adjustable height

The Transparent Garment Storage Rack features a thick and clear vinyl covering and breathable bottom panels that keep clothing protected.

Prefer to keep your clothing under cover? Our Metro Garment Rack features a canvas cover and two adjustable shelves.

If style is a priority then our Wicker Deluxe Garment Rack combines storage and style. Complete with built in storage basket.

Shop our Closet Section for More Garment Racks.

A seasonal closet must have! The Hanging Space Bag will dramatically increase your hanging space. Designed especially for seasonal clothing storage and will triple your storage space!

Garment storage bags are available in many styles.

Jumbo Sweater Bags are not just for sweaters. Pack them with your swim suits, shorts and tees as well. Made from super thick clear vinyl.

Our line of Garment Storage from Whitney features canvas and clear vinyl construction and includes:

Personal Suit Bag

Personal Dress Bag

Personal Gown Bag

Sweater Bags

Our line of Garment Storage from Richards features clear vinyl construction and self correcting zippers and includes:

Multi Suit Bag

Multi Jumbo Dress Bag

Clear Shoulder Covers

Personal Dress, Suit and Gown Bags

Under bed storage is an inexpensive option that works.

To increase storage capabilities under your bed consider adding Bed Riser Blocks. Bed Risers add 5.5″ height to existing under bed space. *Don’t forget to measure your available under bed space!

Under bed storage containers include:

See Through Storage Containers from Sterilite

Store-n-Slide Boxes from Iris – 2 Styles: square and rectangular

Storage Drawers from Sterilite

Too many items for containers? Really maximize your under bed storage with our Large Space Saver Under Bed Tote. One of the many space saving Space Bags available. Check out our complete line of Space Bags!

Now that your seasonal closet is in order, changing out every 6 months will be easy. You’ve created space that will keep your in-season clothes neat and wrinkle free. You’ve protected and stored your off-season clothes. A little work, planning and organization goes a long way.

How can we help you organize?

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