SpaceSavers Heads to the International Housewares Show 2012

(Simple Human is one of the vendors we’ll stop by to see in Chicago)

We’re headed to the International Housewares Show in Chicago this weekend to see what’s new and exciting in the organizing world. Brandi is going to be getting to know all of the new sales reps we hope to work with, Kendra will be picking out the most on-trend organizing tools from the “Discover Design” showcase and Jen will geek out over all the technology incorporated around the home. We’ll try to share pictures along the way, technology willing, so you can get a feel for just how big this show is too.

There will be over 2000 booths of housewares and our priority is to weed through them all and find the best organizing tools to offer at We’ve got a strict schedule of appointments over two days to see our current vendors and find out what they’re promoting this year that we should add to our store, but there’s some time for browsing, ooh-ing and ahh-ing as well. Jen, in particular, loves to “see with her hands” to help understand the quality of the products.

Plus there are 500 new vendors we’ve never seen before, so we’ll be checking out their booths to see if they have innovative storage and organization products that make sense to add to Several of these new companies offer eco-friendly options and will be part of the “Clean, Contain + Sustain Expo” – a must-visit area for us.

Since we’re going to be gathering ideas for new products to fill our virtual shelves, we thought we’d ask you to help us make some room the new inventory. Use coupon code SSH2012 to save $20 on every order of $100 or more while we’re gone (March 9-March 13 at Midnight Central time) and help empty our warehouse shelves.

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