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Project Cases to the Rescue

You’re probably also juggling any number of projects along the way and keeping it all organized can be a challenge. Project cases can save the day – or at least small pockets of time – by keeping all the pieces of a project gathered together. Continue reading

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Back to School Tips for Pre K-12

It’s that time of year again- Back to School- which for many means back to routines, back to schedules, and back to being constantly on-the-go. Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers, getting organized now will help ease you and your kids back into another busy school year. Continue reading

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The Organized Kid Zone

The next time you hear the chorus of “I’m bored” from your kids despite all their toys and activities, take a look around. The problem might not be enough toys – but an issue with disorganization. If you can’t find all the pieces to a set of blocks within a minute in the giant toy box, how do you expect your child to do so? If you can’t find all of the doll’s clothes, how is your child going to do so? In order to encourage more self engagement and creative free play in your child, you need to help them organize an attractive play space. Continue reading

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Get Packing – for Summer Camp

It’s already that time of year – planning for summer camping trips. Whether that’s sending the kids off to a scout or church camp or getting out to a campground for a holiday camping retreat, gathering together all the right equipment and transporting it to your campsite can be a challenge. Continue reading

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2011 Organizing Guide: Cleaning Up Kid Clutter

It’s the nature of most kids to be clutter bugs – they enjoy everything around them from pretty rocks to radio controlled cars and want to keep every last one. But we still want to see a clean kid’s bedroom or play room, or want to navigate the living room without stubbing a toe on a toy truck or crunching tiny doll shoes under foot. Continue reading

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