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Spring Cleaning Tips, Part 1

It’s almost spring, which means it’s almost time for spring cleaning. Don’t let your dreaded reorganization projects overwhelm you. It’s easy to get organized if you use a little creativity. Use these four tips as a starting point, and you’ll … Continue reading

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Clothes Storage Myth #1: If clothes look clean, they are fine to store.

By far the most important step when it comes to storing clothing is to wash or dry clean clothes first. Even clothes that may look clean could have very light stains, perspiration or perfumes that can darken and set with time. Continue reading

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Celebrate the Planet for Earth Day…

Celebrate the Planet for Earth Day and start thinking about shopping local. Today you might be taking notice of these signs of spring: songbirds, the first shoots of green in your flower beds, and the opening day of Farmer’s Markets … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Spring

Have you discovered the secret of seasonal storage to help make your spaces feel less cluttered? Changing out and storing away clothing and linens by season can make your living spaces and closets more functional and feel more spacious for your entire household. Continue reading

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