Technology Organization A Go-Go

Next organizing project - clear out cord clutter.Even yesterday’s stalwart lover of paper, pens and blank books is finding herself surrounded by electronic organizing solutions. From the laptop computer, to a compact notepad, e-reader, MP3 player or the next generation smart phone that brings all that functionality into one tiny package it’s hard to stay independent from the electronics craze. When your calendar, shopping list, phone book, file storage, photo album, answering machine, and reference library can all sit on your desk or be carried in your palm, purse, or a shoulder bag you may feel very organized…until it comes to the power cords, connectors, and accessories that come with each device. It doesn’t help that very few of them are interchangeable, and losing or breaking one means a significant replacement cost.

As daunting as it may seem, your next organization project may be to sort out the mess of cables under your computer desk (or behind your media center.) Using a label maker or cord organizer system you can identify the device tied to each power cable or USB connector. Once you know which cord belongs to which system, cord wraps can minimize and even hide the tangle of cords around your outlets and behind the desk where you’re connecting your printer, monitor, keyboard and speakers to the CPU.

Have you transitioned away from the desktop computer entirely? Portable devices have their own challenge, the repetitive act of packing and unpacking your power cords can put a lot of stress on connections. So can rolling an office chair over a cord that’s fallen on the floor. A Plug Huggerâ„¢ cord organizer keeps your laptop cord coiled safely in your bag when you’re on the move, and keeps extra length out of the way when you’re working.

If you have a number of peripherals that are only occasionally in use such as MP3 players. digital cameras, e-readers and phones that sync with your computer system or USB-charged devices consider designating a drawer bin in your desk or a zippered pocket in your laptop bag where only cables are stored so they’re easy to find when you want to integrate those devices yet out of the way of your other office essentials such as those pens, post-its, and fancy binder clips.

Don’t forget to designate a storage spot for flash drives, memory sticks and extra rechargeable batteries so you’re always prepared to take your portable devices on the road.

This is a project you’ll need to repeat as each new generation of devices come out and you upgrade your electronics. Getting in the habit now will ensure you don’t find yourself with a drawer full of cables and no idea which one it takes to download the photos off your camera so can get before and after shots of your next home organization project.

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