Time Saving Tips

Atomic Analog ClockFrom early morning to late night, people are in a rush against time. Read up on some of our time-saving strategies, from your morning routine and tackling projects to bill paying and dealing with the mail. Begin with the ones you feel you can easily incorporate into your own life. You’ll be surprised how much smoother your days go – from start to finish.

Have everything you need in the morning ready to go the night before. This means keys, purse/wallet, jacket, outgoing mail, cell phone, everything. This one little habit greatly speeds up your morning and makes a big difference in the quality of your day. Set up a spot by the door. You could use a door knob pocket or a basket or bin large enough to hold everything – whatever works best for you.

Break large projects down into smaller tasks. Doing a little bit at a time is much easier (and less overwhelming) than trying to accomplish it all at once. How small you make your tasks is up to you, just don’t make them so small you can’t see progress.

If possible, pick one day to make your meals for the week. Entire casseroles or individual portions can be quickly reheated when you need it.

Have a designated place for all the incoming mail and bills. Bookcase baskets are perfect for this job. Having a place specifically for mail keeps it off every other level surface in your home. Go through the stack at least once a week and weed out all the junk mail. When it’s time to pay your bills, you know where to find them.

Keep 2 lists on the refrigerator – one for shopping and one for “to-do” jobs. Have a stocked pencil/pen cup close by and on hand. As soon as you think of something you need to buy or do, write it on the list.  It will eliminate last minute “rush jobs” on list making and you’ll know you’re not forgetting to buy anything.

Keep several trash bags stored in the bottom of your trash can. Stash them underneath the liner currently in use. As you empty the trash can, a new bag is right there waiting to be set up!  No more running back and forth just to get a new trash can liner.

Use your time wisely! So much of our time is spent waiting. Waiting at the doctors clock-wht.gifoffice, waiting an school pick-up lines, waiting while we’re kept on hold on the telephone. Use that time. It will make it go by faster and you can get a suprising amount of work done! Put some mobile “to-do’s” in a tote bag and take it with you everywhere. Fill out forms, pay bills, write letters, make lists. I know one woman who dedicated her in-flight time on business trips to cross-stitching a blanket for her first grandchild!

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