Tip: Space Bags Help in Emergency Planning

Jumbo_inset.jpgWe just received a very insightful tip from one of our customers.  She purchased several Jumbo Space Bags and wrote saying she was going to “Hopefully use these to squish my sleeping bags for my earthquake kit”.

What a great idea!  Thanks!

Of course, great ideas get me thinking.  Why not get together your emergency kit?  You may need it in case of a flood, earthquake, hurricane, or anything else that might evacuate you from your home.  Or what about in case of a tornado when everyone is huddled in the basement?  With so little time to prepare for an emergency, having a kit ready to go will greatly reduce your packing time and help to get you quickly to safety.

You could get a footlocker or one of our airtight/water resistant Ultimate Clear Box and fill them with the necessities.  Flashlights, batteries, blankets or sleeping bags (squished down with a Space Bag), bottled water, first-aid kit, battery or wind-up powered radio, etc.  Maybe even some freeze-dried food just in case.

It never hurts to be organized and prepared!

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