Too Many Cords!!!

“I am not sure how it happens, but I have roughly 100 chargers in my home, none of which work on my phone, which is dead right now.” Sound familiar?

Here is a hint on how to keep up with only the ones that you need. As soon as a charger makes it way into the home, get out your white labels. They can be file folder labels, or the kind that come from those nifty p-touch machines. Visually split the label in half across the width, and write the name of the person and the equipment the charger belongs to. For example, a label for my phone might look like this:

LG Cell

Repeat the information on the opposite half of the label. Now fold the label around one end of the cord. Now you can easily find the one you need. I recommend you store all your chargers in one central place in the home. Corral them in a basket or other container, and give your family one stop shopping for power when needed.

As electronics are phased out, or old phones are returned, be sure to find the matching charger and get it out of the house along with whatever you are done with.

I am a professional home organizer working in the Winston-Salem area. If you would like help in getting your clutter out and order back into your home, please contact me at 336-978-6211 or at

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