Bedroom Storage – Underbed Storage Box Review

IRIS Stor 'n Slide Underbed  BoxLiving in a small, older farmhouse, our family of 4 is definitely lacking storage space.  This makes it undesirable for me to buy some of the luxury items I might buy otherwise, if space wasn’t an issue.  Living in the Midwest, the winter months tend to get cold, and I love the idea of flannel sheets to keep you warm at night.  These sheets tend to be more bulky than regular sheets, therefore making it harder to find room for these when the season is over.  I decided to try the Stor-N-Slide underbed storage box by IRIS USA to help me with this.

I brought it home, and the kids absolutely loved pulling it around with it’s easy gliders.  They filled it full of their toys and books, and played for hours.  What easy entertainment!  Once the fun wore off, and I had time to get the sheets together, I wiped it out, and loaded my sheets in.  Much to my surprise, this tote held 2 sets of king size flannel sheets.  How nice – I now have a place to store our sheet sets when they aren’t in use.

The other really nice thing about this item is that it is see-through.  It’s great to be able to see what is inside without having to pull it out and open the container.  This would definitely be helpful for those that have multiple containers.

If you are lucky enough to have more storage space underneath your bed, or a larger area to store these, they are also stackable.  This allows you to store many different items in each one, and stack them nicely on top of one another, without using much space.

Stor 'n Slide Underbed Storage Tote

Two sets of king sized sheets fit easily into this tote.

Overall, this is a great container that requires no assembly, tools, or any other difficult set up before you are actually able to use this item.  I highly recommend this tote to anyone looking to do any type of organizational project.

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