What’s new in trash cans?

What's new in Trash and Recycling Receptacles?Surprisingly, a lot has changed for the simple trash can. You may already have a trash can in your kitchen with a swinging lid or step-on lid that serves to keep odors in and unnecessary things – like dog noses – out, but does your come in a stainless steel or painted metal finish? These sturdy materials look great in any room, plus clean up easily with a rubber seal to keep garbage odors completely under wraps. Many also come with a removable plastic inner can that keeps spills and leaks contained and easy to clean in the sink or outdoors with a hose.

A newer take on the standard trash can you might not have seen yet is a touch bin. It has the same sleek styling and finishes you find in the pedal bins, but rather than a foot pedal the sealed top opens when pushed with your hand. The ultra modern look works equally well in a kitchen or an office environment.

Another consideration for trash is what actually makes it to the landfill versus what needs to be collected or dropped of for your location’s recycling program. Getting everyone in your household into the habit of separating trash and recycling can be challenging, particularly if the bins are separated by distance. You can help get into the habit with a multi chamber bin that collects trash in one receptacle and recycling in another. Use the color coded pedal markers to designate each chamber’s use.

If you’re already an avid recycler or you don’t have curbside pickup you might be ready to build an in-home recycling center. You can purpose a multi chamber bin just for separated recyclables, or build a stacked bin system and designate contents based on your local regulations. Sturdy but lightweight storage bins travel easily – whether that’s just to the curb or across town to a collection center.

It might be time for you to take a second look at the functional trash can and see what new features would make your life easier…and maybe a little less messy.

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