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A mesh laundry bag is great for dorm livingWhen you can’t just put your laundry in the hamper at home anymore, every college student learns they need to have an organized way of taking care of their laundry needs – fast. One solutions is to ack up your mesh laundry bag with all of your dirty clothes and take it home to your mom for her to do on the weekends you have free to head home. Once your mom has your laundry clean, you can just pack it all back into the same mesh laundry bag and take it back to college.

However, there are going to be weekends when you cannot go home. You can’t put the laundry off until you do make it home – you can only fit so many clean clothes in that tiny dorm room closet space. So, when you can’t bring your laundry home to Mom, here is what you need for survival (or at least to keep looking good.)

  • Mesh Laundry Bag – Yes, it holds your dirty clothes. However, the mesh laundry bag keeps the laundry ventilated as well, keeping the odors down to a minimum when it comes time to dig into that laundry bag and pull out the dirty socks that have been in there for a month. A laundry bag is easy to throw over your shoulder to carry it down the hall to the coin – operated machines or to carry out to your car for your drive to a laundromat. You can’t get far without the laundry bag. When your laundry is clean and dry, fold your clothes neatly right back into the same bag for easy transport back to your dorm room.
  • Drying Rack – It may be a surprise to you, but your mom doesn’t throw everything into the dryer when she is done washing your clothing. Read the labels on your clothing. Many items cannot be dried, especially by the super heated commercial dryers often found in dorms or at laundromats. Hang these delicate items to dry on a collapsible drying rack. Store the drying rack under your bed, in the closet, or in between your bed and the wall. It doesn’t take up much space and it will save you from ruined clothing.
  • Plastic Storage Tote – Storing laundry detergent, stain remover sprays and sticks, bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets in a plastic storage box that you can keep at the bottom of your closet or even better, under your bed, makes sure you don’t have any accidental spills onto the dorm room floor. It keeps the cleaners organized and out of the way. Plus, when it comes time to pack up and move out, they are already self-contained and ready for transport. Get a second plastic storage tote for your bath towels. It keeps them out of your very small closet and keeps them pest as well as dust free. You can store these under your bed as well.
  • Hooks and Hangers – Command Hooks from 3M are ideal for dorm room walls and doors that you cannot use nails or screws in. Use these to hang your towel to dry between uses your room. Take advantage of wall space or doors to hang your robe or anything else that needs to be up off the floor. You can also choose hangers that are made to hang dry your clothing on. Many of these hangers can also double as the hangers you would hang in your closet for everyday. If you utilize the hangers that are designed for storing multiple shirts, pants, or skirts, you can save space in that small closet you have to share with your roommate.

When it is time to carry your mesh laundry bag to where you do your laundry, pull out your plastic tote, grab the laundry supplies you need – you can even toss them into your laundry bag- and head on down the hall or out to your car. If you are headed to a coin – operated facility, make sure to keep change on hand just for laundry. Consider saving money and increasing the longevity of your clothing by air drying with your drying rack and hangers. Now, that isn’t so bad, right? Your mother would be proud.

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