Where did you hide the pet food?

SpaceSavers pet food storage solutions puppy imageApproximately 62% of American households include a pet of some kind. Is yours one of them? If so you’ll know that pets come with a lot of storage challenges. Where do you keep their food? Pet food storage is an easy organizing challenge to solve with help from SpaceSavers.

Buying in bulk can save you money and prevent those sad eyes when you run out of pet food right before dinner time – but bags and cans take up valuable shelf space. Anything that comes in a bag is susceptible to spillage or moisture not to mention enticing to pests like mice and insects (or even the claws of an impatient pet.)

Transferring pet food to a plastic storage bin or dispenser helps preserve the food, gives you easier access with a scoop, measuring cup or dish, and stores much more conveniently than shapeless bags. A wheeled storage container can come in particularly handy if you have multiple pets to feed in kennels or you want to keep food or bedding materials like cedar chips out of sight in a closet or other hidden storage area when you don’t need to access them.

If you’re looking for convenience for travel or don’t prefer to buy in bulk, why not combine your pet’s food storage location with their feeding station? An elevated pet feeder puts food and water at a height that encourages healthy food digestion while it saves you space. The top feeder has two nested stainless steel bowls while the base of the feeder holds dry food and keeps it fresh thanks to neoprene seals and snap lock closures.

Feeding from pet food cans means a unique storage solution – whether you buy individually and need to store loose cans or if you purchase the bulk boxes that can get in the way. A wire can dispenser maximizes the space used for storage plus makes it easy to see when you’re getting low on food. These come in standard sizes for both cat food and dog food cans.

Don’t forget the treats…paw print treat canisters make it clear whose ‘cookies’ are whose.

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