4 Ways to Add Wine Storage to Your Space Without Adding a Wine Cellar

Wine Storage -Wine CellarDo you have a wine cellar in our house where you can store the hundreds of bottles of wine you’ve collected from all over the world? If you answered, “What are you, crazy? Of course not!” then you’re in the right place.

For those of us who don’t have the space for a wine cellar (or the need to store hundreds of bottles of wine) we need to be a little more creative with our wine storage. I personally enjoy a good bottle of wine, and like to keep a couple on hand to serve with dinner or on special occasions. So what can you do to ensure that the wine you do have is stored properly, and fits into your current organizational strategy? Here are a few ways to add wine storage creatively:

Wine Storage Solution Number 1Set it on a Table or Shelf I personally like to make my wine bottles, glasses, and tools part of my home’s décor.  Many wine bottles are very attractive, and with the right set of stemware, any wine storage rack you choose can be functional as well as decorative. SpaceSavers carries several different wine holders to match your personal style, such as the Bali 10 Bottle Natural Wine Rack, which also comes in 12 or 15 bottle designs. If you only have a few bottles, check out the Bottle Bouquet or Table Tendril racks, which hold six and four bottles, respectively.

Wine Storge Solution Number 2Hang it Up If you are running low on table and shelf space, you can still add plenty of wine storage to your home. These attractive hanging wine storage racks turn your favorite bottles into works of art. If you’re looking to display just a few bottles, the Bottle Gallery rack holds up to 5 bottles. If you have a few more, the Wine Ledge rack holds 9 bottles, and the Mid-Century rack holds 10. Also be sure to check out the Climbing Tendril racks, which hang directly from the ceiling! The best part about hanging wine racks that double as art pieces, is that they look good whether they are full or not, so no worries if you’re down to your last two bottles: your wine rack will still add a little something to your walls.

Wine Storage Solution Number 3Put it to Work Have you always wanted a wine cabinet, but don’t have enough space in the corner of your kitchen or dining room? If you think creatively about your wine storage, the cabinet can work for you. The Large Kitchen Serving Cart and Linon Bamboo Kitchen Island with Inlaid Granite Top feature wine storage, while providing additional storage and functionality in the kitchen.  The Mendoza wine cart is on wheels, so you can store it out of the way until you need it then wheel it right where you need it to serve wine. And the Kingston Modular Cube Wine Racks are perfect as room dividers, since you can use as many or as few as you need to create the perfect modular wine storage rack.

 Wine Storage Solution Number 4Think beyond the Kitchen If your living or family room is near the kitchen, why not take your wine storage into the next room? The Apachi Wine Rack has a table on top, and it would be perfect as a side table next to your couch. And instead of trying to find the perfect sofa table, check out the Fuji Wine Racks. Three or four of these pieces placed side by side would work well as a sofa table that just happens to store 36-48 bottles of wine at the same time..

If you’re creative with your wine storage, it’s easy to keep a few bottles on hand without having to build a wine cellar. Space Savers offers a great selection of wine storage options to add to any home, easily and quickly.

Wine Storage Racks Montage

What’s your best kept wine storage secret?

You can find more from guest blogger Noelle Wittkop at http://noellewittkop.wordpress.com.
Kitchen Serving Cart Wine Storage at SpaceSavers.com Fuji Wine Rack Apachi Wine Rack Kingston Wine Rack Slot Cubes Kingston X Cube Modular Wine Rack Mendoza Wine Cart Linon Bamboo Island with Wine Storage Rack Tendril Wine Rack in Chrome Tendril Wine Rack in Copper Tendril Wine Rack in Black Mid-Century Wall Wine Rack Wine Ledge Wall Wine Rack Bottle Gallery Wine Rack Table Tendril Wine Rack Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack Bali 15 Bottle Wine Rack Bali 10 Bottle Wine Rack Bali 12 bottle Wine Rack Bali 10 Bottle Natural Wine Rack
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