Got Wine? What about Wine Storage Racks?

Contemporary Wine Racks

It’s Friday, so we’re thinking about the weekend and what comes to mind?  Wine.  And right after that, because we are organizing geeks, we start thinking wine storage.  While we could have utilitarian shelves carefully labeled and numbered in a temperature controlled wine cellar we want to have fun too…  So check out these contemporary wine racks we just brought in from Oenephilia.  They’re fun.  They’re functional.  Some of them will fit in itty-bitty spaces under your kitchen cabinets or in that awkward corner where nothing else really fits on your wall. Some of this collection really does act as art.

If you love wine, you really should browse our new line of wine racks and accessories, just for the fun of it.

And if you want that wine cellar in your basement?  We have wine storage racks that will hold 40 bottles or 60 bottles too – that should get you well on your way.

Since it’s Friday afternoon, how about a couple drink recipes that use wine?  Here’s a recipe we love for a red wine & tequila sangria perfect for Friday night or a lazy Saturday afternoon.  If you prefer a white wine, this summery Lemon Myrtle recipe that combines chardonnay with limoncello.  Yum. (Scroll down the page quite a ways to get to the recipe.)

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a summer Friday night?

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