Winterize Your Coat Closet

Cluttered Closet to WinterizeWinterize your coat closet –  as we head into the colder months you may spend a lot more time getting in and out of your coat closet.  Make sure it’s stocked with the items you need and put any off season jackets or shoes in long term storage so you don’t have to wedge heavy winter coats into smaller than ideal spaces.  (Space Bags are a great solution for getting extra clothing out of the way for a season.)

Here are some hints to prepare for cooler weather:

  • Make space for boots and outdoor shoes on a waterproof mat to prevent damage to your floors.  You can position a shoe rack over the mat if you need extra space for many pairs of shoes.
  • Add baskets or bins to a shelf or the top of the shoe rack for mittens, gloves, and hats.
  • Choose sturdy hangers that can handle the weight of heavier winter coats.
  • If you have little ones who have trouble matching up mittens and hats to their coats, try a shirt hanger with clips to keep everything together.
  • Use a hanging shelf system (usually meant for sweaters) to store snow pants and snowsuits.

With everything at the ready braving the cold won’t seem so daunting and you can enjoy the chill.

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